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First Name Last Name E-mail Address
President Sal Cintorino salcintorino@titanssoftball.com
Vice President Dave Czarsty daveczarsty@titanssoftball.com
Director of Softball Operations Dave Sylvester davesylvester@titanssoftball.com
Secretary Annilise LaRosa anniliselarosa@titanssoftball.com
Treasurer Dave Bohmer financecommittee@titanssoftball.com
Apparel & Equipment Manager Mark LaRosa marklarosa@titanssoftball.com
10U Green Manager Peter Ivey peterivey@titanssoftball.com
12U Green Manager Paul Benvenuto paulbenvenuto@titanssoftball.com
12U Blue Manager John Antonowicz johnantonowicz@titanssoftball.com
14U Green Manager Dave Bohmer davebohmer@titanssoftball.comrm
14U Blue Manager Brian Oatway brianoatway@titanssoftball.com
16U Green Manager Dave Sylvester davesylvester@titanssoftball.com
16U Blue Manager Sarah Arburr saraharburr@titanssoftball.com
18U Green Manager Sal Cintorino salcintorino@titanssoftball.com
18U Blue Manager Annilise LaRosa anniliselarosa@titanssoftball.com
23U Blue Manager      
Web Site Development Mark LaRosa marklarosa@titanssoftball.com
Travel Coordinator Dee Czarsty deeczarsty@titanssoftball.com 
Facilities Coordinator Jeff Linsky facilitymanager@titanssoftball.com
Tournament Coordinator Dave Czarsty daveczarsty@titanssoftball.com
Parent At Large Mike Aparo mikeaparo@titanssoftball.com
Co-Founder & E-Board member Jason Hogan jasonhogan@titanssoftball.com
Co-Founder & E-Board member Mark LaRosa marklarosa@titanssoftball.com
Board of Directors   BOD bod@cttitans.org
Executive Board   EB eboard@cttitans.org
Finance Committee   FC financecommittee@titanssoftball.com
CT Titans Information Request   Info info@titanssoftball.com
All Team Managers/Head Coaches   Managers coaches@titanssoftball.com
All Assistant Coaches   Assistant Coaches assistantcoaches@titanssoftball.com